Professional Organizers In Canada

As a registered, national association representing professional organizers across the country, our mandate is to provide a supportive environment for our members to share ideas, network and exchange referrals. Ultimately, POC aims to provide credibility, community and connections.

Currently, POC represents more than 500 members in more than 14 chapters across Canada. Our mission is:
To develop professional organizing through creating awareness of the industry amongst the public and to provide our members with support by giving them the access to the tools, training, and resources to build their own businesses.Our members are organizing professionals from all sectors of the industry, comprising residential and office organizers, time management and goal setting professionals, estate organizing experts and many, many more.

For the general public, we offer a Find an Organizer Directory, as well as an FAQ covering many of the questions they may have about professional organizers.

National Association of Professional Organizers

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is a group of about 4,200 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. Our vision is to have the world recognize the value of organizing and turn to NAPO as the leading organizing authority. Our mission is to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry.

In addition to serving professional organizers, we aim to help consumers and those interested in becoming professional organizers. We offer programs, information, and guidance for each of these groups.